Delivery terms

Our online store offers several delivery options:

Courier delivery *

You can order the delivery of goods by courier, who will arrive at the specified address on weekdays and Saturdays from 9.00 to 19.00. The courier service, after the goods arrive at the warehouse, will contact you and offer to choose a convenient delivery time. Will specify the address.

You open the package in front of the courier, inspect for integrity and compliance with the specified configuration. If we are talking about clothes, fitting is acceptable. Inspection and fitting time is limited to 15 minutes. Then you can refuse to buy partially or completely.

Delivery is free when ordering from 3000 rubles.

* Whether there is a courier service in your city, check with the store manager.

Pickup from the store

You can pick up the goods in one of the stores that cooperate with us. The list of outlets that accept orders from our company will appear in your basket. When the order arrives in your city, you will receive a notification. You just go to this store, contact the employee at the checkout area and call the order number. The purchase can be picked up by your friend or relative who knows the number and name to whom it is issued.


A checkpoint is a terminal with an automated system for storing ordered goods. Convenience is that a person can pick up an order at any convenient time.

How to work with postamat:

The shelf life in the post-office is 3 days, but you can extend it for a similar period. To clarify the information and extend the storage time, go to the website of our partner , enter the order number and phone number and follow the prompts on the site.

Postal delivery

If in your city there is no courier service and parcel terminals, then you can order delivery via Russian post. Immediately upon the arrival of the goods, a notification of the parcel will be sent to your address.

Before paying, you can assess the condition of the box (without opening it): weight, integrity. If it seems to you that the order does not correspond to the parameters or the box is damaged, ask the post office employee to draw up an autopsy report. You can open the box yourself only after you have paid for the order.

One order can contain no more than 10 items and its value must not exceed 100 thousand rubles.

Delivery time

Delivery times vary depending on your region of residence.


Express delivery

Pickup from the store


Russian Post

Moscow region, Leningrad region

2 working days

5 days

Ural and Volga region

5-7 working days

6-9 business days

5 days

14 days


8-10 working days

12 working days

8 days

14-21 days

For delivery to other regions of Russia and the CIS countries, check with the store managers.