Terms of payment

You can choose one of three payment options:

Cash payment

When choosing a cash payment option, you wait for the arrival of the courier and give him the amount for the goods in rubles. The courier provides goods that can be inspected for damage, compliance with the specified conditions. The buyer signs the shipping documents, deposits the money and receives a check.

Cash payment is also available when picking up from the store, paying by mail or using a post office.

Cashless payments

When placing an order in the basket, you can choose the option of cashless payment. We accept Visa and Master Card. To pay for the purchase, you will be redirected to the ASSIST system server, where you must enter the card number, expiration date, holder's name.

You may be denied authorization if:

In this case, you can re-authorize in 20 minutes, use another card or contact your bank to resolve the issue.

Non-cash payment can be used for courier delivery, using a post office or pickup from the store.

Electronic Systems

For payment, you can use one of the electronic payment systems:

You will be redirected to the payment service page, follow the instructions, fill out the correct form.